Microva Corporation provides electrical engineering, software and embedded system design services for original equipment manufacturers in the United States and other countries. We have extensive experience with electronics and mechanical system design, including analog and digital application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design,  field programmable gate array design, printed circuit board design, application software development, firmware and overall embedded system design. Please contact us at the telephone number above. Our professional staff will be happy to discuss your project requirements. (Microva™ and Varbus™ are trademarks of Microva Corporation).

Our capabilities include:

A partial list of successful designs includes:


    Fiber Optic Multiplexor

  • 100 Mhz full duplex multiplexor with error correction
  • 60um single mode core fiber with up to 5Km distance
  • low cost solid state LASER modulator
  • electrical noise and lightning immune, 100% secure
    X-Y-Z Stage Mechanical Positioner for Micromanipulator
  • 3 axis micro stepper motors with 1 mil positioning
  • programmable gain/span/limits per axis
  • joystick control
  • computer control

   Stand Alone Television Based "Paint Box" Toy

  • low cost consumer electronics product for drawing directly on TV
  • full custom 2um CMOS ASIC
  • completely stand alone including video digitizer, mouse control
  • multiple drawing tools, clip art, Flash memory storage cartridges
  • NTSC and PAL compatible video in/out
    RS-485 Networked Industrial Controller
  • Cat 5 cable network
  • analog and digital in/out
  • form C relay output
  • peer-to-peer network
    Professional Video Titler
  • high quality video titler with multiple fonts
  • proportional spacing and kerning for each font
  • NTSC and PAL video plus high resolution S video in/out
  • professional quality video genlock (video superimpose)
  • completely stand alone video titler- no computer needed

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    Remote Security Camera Viewing System
  • wavelet compressed video stored to Flash ROM
  • completely embedded system- no computer at camera site
  • four cameras viewed from any remote computer
  • automatic camera motion detect/recording
  • modem plus POTS- no internet connection required

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    Television Based Home Automation Controller "Set Top Box"
  • X-10 based powerline communication
  • lighting, security, temperature, audio/video control
  • date/time event scheduler, macros, infrared, RS-232
  • custom house map displayed on television with status
  • completely stand alone- no computer needed
  • intuitive graphical user interface displayed on television

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    Digital Music Controller Television "Set Top Box"
  • song titles displayed/selected on television
  • mp3, wma, wav audio file controller
  • television set top box graphical user interface
  • select songs with any universal IR remote control
  • complete jukebox with user song play lists
  • RS-232 in/out for controlling "third party" music players

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